next big superfood for 2016

Bury’s famous black pudding is being hailed as the next big superfood for 2016, thanks to its nutritional benefits. Loaded with protein, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, the humble sausage contains many of the nutrients missing in our modern diets, while being practically carb free.


This under rated food provides the building blocks of life, prevents anaemia and fatigue, keeps our bones strong, helps nerves send messages and muscles contract, enhances our immune system, makes our muscles stronger and helps to regulate blood pressure. Containing less fat than the average sausage, black pudding is also great for those following a low-carbohydrate diet.


And visitors to us here at Shores Hey Farm will not be disappointed. The Scullery, bastions of great Lancashire food, features the Bury Black Pudding heavily in the menu. The highlight is, perhaps, the full horseshoe pudding served with streaky bacon, poached egg and a wholegrain mustard sauce. Whilst, fans of the good old fashioned English breakfast will be delighted too. Not only does it appear in Sunday’s hearty Shores Hey Breakfast but, recognising its new status, guests are now able to add it to any of the Sunday Brunch sandwiches.


Head Chef, Mark Travis, says “I’ve always known black pudding is good for you, if you look at what goes into our locally sourced Bury Black Pudding, you’d wonder why it’s taken everyone else so long to cotton on!”

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