Tommy Trotter Club

Children of all ages will love being part of the Tommy Trotter Club.

We would like to thank you for your continued support of Tommy Trotter’s Club and for HAPPA, Shores Hey Farm.

Our members, supporters, visitors and friends are very important to us and are vital in allowing HAPPA to continue to deliver the very best of equine welfare, both out in the field investigating complaints of cruelty, and in caring for the 62 residents at the Centre.

In order for us to continue our work we rely on donations and fundraising through activities at Shores Hey Farm, including Tommy Trotter activities and events.

We have explored ways in which to provide the most benefit to all our Tommy Trotter Club members whilst maintaining cost-effective management of resources, therefore we are implementing some changes to the Club, which we hope you will enjoy.

Following a recent survey we have found that most parents and guardians would be interested in joining a Club where there were more benefits for their child/ children that would in turn help raise funds for HAPPA.

Therefore, it is proposed that of Saturday 1st September HAPPA will launch the whole new Tommy Trotter Fan Club, which will replace existing Club membership.

You will still be able to collect visit stickers and prizes up to the 1st September 2018, when the new Fan Club will be preparing for launch.

We will share our exciting news of the New Fan Club in our next update to you.

In the meantime we would like to thank you for your continued support and hope to see you all soon at Shores Hey Farm.

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