Tommy Trotter Goes To Town

Tommy was slouching around his field wondering what to do with his day. “I like being out in the field” he said to his friend Pandora Pony. “But after you’ve walked around a bit and had a sniff of the beautiful flowers there really isn’t that much else to do is there?”
“What do you mean?” questioned Pandora “This is the life, a whole field to canter in, with lots of lush grass to eat and a lovely fresh stream of water. What more could any pony want?”


“Yes, I enjoy living here, but there is a whole world out there where I am sure I could have an adventure. I think it’s about time I went and explored. And anyway we haven’t had a carrots for a few days so the least I could do is go on a hunt for more carrots.” replied Tommy.

So off Tommy trotted towards the gate and pulled it open with triumph in his eyes. “I’m going out and don’t you worry about me, I’m going to have fun!”

Tommy headed off up the lane and out towards the main road.

“Where you going Tommy?” asked Harry Hare.

“I’m off on an adventure to find more carrots for Pandora, I’m sick of hanging round the field every day and having no fun” answered Tommy.

“Well I guess you’ll be off to town then” said Harry Hare.

“I guess I will, if I knew how to get there” replied Tommy.

“Follow me, I will take you to town, I’m sure I heard a little bird tell me that the market is on today, so you are guaranteed to get some carrots there” Harry called over his shoulder as he started to bound down the road.

The unlikely two headed off down the road. What a sight to see, the big lolloping pony with his tiny floppy companion.


As they walked down the road Tommy oohed and ahh’d at the number of different things he saw. Cars rushing by in all different colours, people on bikes and cycles heading off to who knows where. They passed houses, of all different sizes, where people opened their windows to wave at the two companions as they went along their way. Hundreds of different types of flowers and trees and Tommy stopped to smell the scents of the flowers that didn’t grow in his field.

They arrived at the entrance to town where they could hear the chattering of what seemed like a hundred people with many shouting at the top of their voices to be heard amongst the rumble of trucks and wagons and people. As the listened carefully Tommy and Harry could make out distinct voices in the distance.

“Come and get your oranges here, lovely fresh fruit and vegetables for you to buy.”

“Fresh fish caught on the coast today.”

“Beautiful jewellery to make any lady smile.”

“That’s it Tommy we are here we made it to town” proclaimed Harry.

“Fabulous, let’s get started” declared Tommy.

HAPPA_TommyTrotter“Woah there!” Harry said as he grabbed Tommy’s tail. “Don’t be in such a hurry my good friend, soak it up and remember it’s a busy day today you don’t want anyone stepping on your toes if you know what I mean.”

So together the two friends weaved their way around the crowded streets, picking up all the sights and sounds of a busy town. Tommy was in awe as he took in the marvels around him, of ladies in high fashion sat at street cafes, of gentlemen walking excitable dogs, of families laden down with bags full of shopping, of small children skipping along with not a care in the world and all the hustle and bustle of a busy town centre.

“Wow, this is it this is what I needed. A busy day with lots to see and lots to do. Now, where’s that market and those carrots I promised Pandora?” asked Tommy.

“Come this way, follow the scent” said Harry.

As they approached the market the sellers shouting their wares grew louder. For those with the sensitive hearing of a pony and a hare it was a bit too much.

“Look, look!” exclaimed Tommy “Carrots and lots of them”

“Okay we need to think carefully about this said Harry “There’s usually a box that the sellers keep some of the stock they don’t sell, we need to make the correct approach and ask the right people”

“You know a lot about this” said Tommy.

“Yes well I’ve made a few trips in the past myself and know how this works, stick with me” declared Harry.

They made their way through the hustle and bustle seeking out the fruit and vegetable sellers. Harry found his friend at Bob’s Fruit and Veg and he asked for carrots on behalf of them both.

“Got any carrots that Tommy and I can take back to the farm Bob?” asked Harry.

“Of course, anything for you my fluffy friend” replied Bob.

Rummaging around the stall he produced a box full of carrots.

“Now remember you two, don’t eat all these at once and take care as you head back out of town, it’s a lot more busy than usual” warned Bob.

So off they set back on their way with a box full of juicy, bright orange carrots. Past the ladies and their lunches, the excitable dogs and skipping children. Past the houses, cars, bikes and cycles. Past the trees and sweet smelling flowers all the way back to the farm.

“Well my friend this is where we say goodnight” said Harry as he began to take bunches of carrots from the box. “I hope you enjoy these as much as I do and maybe we will go again one day.”

“I’m sure we will Harry, what a fantastic time with so much to see and carrots to fill my tummy. I am sure Pandora will be thrilled” responded Tommy.

Tommy headed back through the gate and into the field to meet Pandora.

“Oh, wow” proclaimed Pandora as Tommy placed the box down. “Did you enjoy your trip to town?” she asked.

But as she turned around to get a reply Tommy was laid out in the field snoring loudly.
“Yes, it seems it was a big adventure for Tommy to go to town” she chuckled to herself.

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