Group Visits

A Group Visit to remember…

We pride ourselves on sharing the knowledge and expertise we have within our welfare and care team. From our Own a Pony Days and Tommy Trotter Fan Club for younger supporters, to our Equine Welfare Conference and Access All Areas Event, we cover how to care for an equine on both the inside and out.

The care and welfare teams have a vast amount of experience in all walks of life. They enjoy sharing real life experiences and setting the scene for what it is really like rescuing and rehabilitating horses, ponies and donkeys. Group Visits, presentations or further learning associated with equine welfare can be arranged to suit the needs of any group.

If you book a Group Visit of Shores Hey Farm a knowledgeable guide will spend time with your group, tell you the story of HAPPA. You will meet our animals and discover how they were rescued, learn about rehabilitation programmes and how an equine rescued by the Charity finds a Forever Home.

Why not contact us and arrange a Group Visit to the Centre TODAY. Email or call 01282 455992

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